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Research by: Gloria Hartzell, Scott Hartlieb, Jim Long, Terry Long, Lisa Long, and Pat Mote
Jacob Danner's Will was recorded in Longswamp Twp. Berks County, PA.  Two of his children grew up to marry offspring of Deobalt Long from Colebrookdale Twp. Berks Co.
Children of Jacob Danner [d. 1771] and Anna Barbara
  • Bernhard
  • Jacob
  • Christiana [m. Mathias Riffle]
  • Barbara [m. John Fries or John Smith]
  • Melchoir
  • Rosina [m. John Fries or John Smith]
  • Abraham [m. Eva Rosina Long] [d. 1813]
  • Catherina m. Peter Long

More About Jacob Danner:
Jacob Danner settled on the banks of the Little Lehigh in Macungie Twp. Northampton Co. (now Lehigh Co.).  He bought a large tract of land from the Surveyor General on which is a large grist mill.  It still stands today and is know as Danner's Mill.  He gave land for a school house to be built.  It was called Danner's School House.  The original building was torn down and replaced by the one there today, no longer in use.  The Danner land may still be owned by Danner offspring, by the name of Schuler.  (There is a strong possibility that this story pertains to Jacob Danner Jr.).

The story above is from the book, Genealogy of the Danner Family, but this sketch has been updated by Gloria Hartzell:
Jacob Danner from the Danner book is not the Jacob who was the one living in Longswamp Twp. The Jacob Danner (from Macungie Twp) who is in the Danner book is no known relation to our Danner family above. One Sunday afternoonmy husband & I went looking for the mill. We checked every mill along the Little Lehigh starting in Longswamp Twp where the creek ends as a trickle in a meadow. We stopped at about 3 mills which were the wrong ones. Then we came to this one place where I had the feeling that a mill could have been. We stopped & asked at a very old house across the road. They not only knew of the mill being there but also that the Danner owner did not have it for long. The Danner Mill was torn down and the space where it stood is a well kept field next to the creek - with no sign that a building ever stood at that spot. The Danner given name who was the owner does not show in the Danner book but they told me his name is mentioned in the book, The History of Lower Macungie Twp. For more info contact Gloria Hartzell who published reprints of the above book which can be purchashed from her.

More About Abraham Danner, the son of Jacob Danner and Anna Barbara:
Abraham Danner settled in Rockland Twp. Berks Co.  He married Eva Rosina Long, the daughter of Deobalt.  He may have been a Shoemaker. He died in the year 1813 and Eva Rosina was deceased at that time.

In his will, Deobalt Long elected "My beloved Son-In-Law",  Abraham Danner to be the executor.  Abraham's signature appears on Letter's of Administration for Anna Mary Long his mother in law, and Peter Long his brother in law. 

Children of Abraham Danner [b. 1813] and Eva Rosina Long [b. 6/2/1747]
  • Margaret [m. Jacob Drefsler]
  • Magdalena [m. Adam Klein]
  • Barbara [m. Jacob Long, s/o Nicholas Long]
  • Maria [m. Berhard Zigler]
  • Elizabeth
Children of Jacob Long [b. 1772] and Barbara Danner (above)
  • Maria
  • Catherina
  • Magdalina
  • Margaret
  • More?

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