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Peter Long was born on January 13, 1840 in Pennsylvania. He is the son of Gideon Long and Elizabeth Doebler. He stayed in Snyder County when most of the rest of the family moved to Schoolcraft Michigan. He was a farmer in Monroe Township. He died there on January 6, 1920 and was buried on January 9, 1920 at Schriner's Church Cemetary. He married Leah Trutt who was born in July, 1840. She was the daughter of John and Susan Trutt.
Children of Peter Long and Leah Trutt:
  • Leah Long [m. Hassinger]
  • Susan Elizabeth Long [b. Abt. 1862]
  • George Washington Long [b: 7/261863]*
  • John Peter Long [b.Abt. 1866 ][m. 1st Unknown, m. 2nd. 12/11/1892 Rose I. Stetler]
    • Harry Long [b. abt. 1889]
    • Alice Long [b. abt. 1895]
    • Ida C. Long [b.2/9/1897]
    • Helen Long [b. abt. 1899]
  • Anna Long [b. Abt. 1867]
  • Catherine Long [b. Abt. 1868]
  • Sarah Long [b. Abt. 1873]
  • Aothan? Long [b. Abt. 1875]
  • Norman A. Long [b. Feb. 1877][m. Amelia A. ______][d. 1946 Burried at Shriner's Cem.]
    • Ammon Percival Long [b. 5/20/1905][d. 1/10/1907]
    • George Edward Long [b. 5/20/1905][d. 9/15/1905]
    • Mary S Long [b. abt. 1907]
    • Norman A Long [b. abt. 1911]
    • Ruth J Long [b. abt. 1914]
    • John W Long [b. abt. 1917]
  • William W. Long [b. 1879][m. 4/7/1897 Emma I. Musselman][d.1953 Burried at West Side Cem.]
    • John Peter Long [b. 2/9/1898]
    • James Raymond Long [b. 1/11/1900]
    • Mary Myrtle Long [b. 3/28/1902]
    • Grant Gaphard Long [b. 2/7/1906]
    • William Ernest Long [b. 2/15/1904][m. Hettie Esther Bilger][d. 1962]

George Washington Long was born on July 26, 1863 in Monroe Township, Snyder County, Pennsylvania. In 1910 he was a Carpenter and in 1920 he was a Farmer and Butcher. According to an obituary in a local newspaper, "Mr. Long attended Sunbury Market for more than half a century, utilizing a stand in the market house." He died in Selinsgrove Pennsylvania on November 24, 1948 and was burried on November 27, 1948 at Zion UCC Cemetary in Kratzerville, Jackson Township, Snyder County, Pennsylvania. He married Sarah J. Kreider who was born in August of 1861. She was the daughter of Henry and Matilda Jarrett Kreider. She died in 1943.
Children of George Washington Long and Sarah J. Kreider:
  • Elmer Newton Long [b. 11/10/1882][d. 1/26/1955]
  • Cora M. Long [b. 8/10/1885][m. Frank S. Elliott][d. 12/31/1928]
  • Olive E. Long [b. 5/30/1889][m. John or Bob Fisher][d. aft. Jan/1955]
  • Charles Percival Long [b. 5/31/1891][m. 2/21/1914 Emma "Elsina" Jarrett][d.8/5/1984]*
  • William Allen Long [b. 3/17/1895][d. 4/181947]
  • Riley Albert Long [b. 2/9/1897][d. 3/1/1963]
  • Elsie May Long [b. 4/21/1899][m. Harry Spotts][d. aft. 1955]

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